I think, as a fandom, we need to remember this. 

Let’s stay positive.

Look. I know things look totally crappy right now. JWPP/SYTH deleted. There was some sort of drama going on earlier that I missed and I’m not sure what it was but from what I can gather, there were some people feeling pretty crappy. People have been getting hate. This isn’t cool, guys.

Now, I know we’re not all friends with each other. The fandom gets bigger by the day, but we’re still a lot smaller, especially compared to other ones that I, personally, am a part of. But I’m here on my Adam blog, not on my personal blog, to say this. This isn’t about other fandoms. This is about us. At the end of the day, we’re all different people, but we’re all brought together by our love of Owl City and Adam Young.

Nobody, and I mean nobody should be getting hate. It is nobody’s fault that JWPP/SYTH deleted. It’s nobody’s fault that all this drama is happening. Instead of pointing fingers and blaming each other, we should just let it go. It’s the past. It’ll blow over eventually, why not now?

I, personally, would love to be friends with each and every one of you. I think you are all wonderful, lovely people. And sure, I won’t lie, I’ve mentally judged a lot of blogs here on tumblr before, but I don’t know them. I’ve never talked to them. And it’s wrong of me to judge them before I got to know them. I think we should all keep that in mind.

Adam describes himself as a positive, optimistic person. I think we need to try to follow his lead. I’m as much a pessimist as anyone, but… I don’t know.

What I’m trying to say is that we need to keep our heads up and get through this. I’d hate to see this fandom fall apart simply because of one thing. We might never know for sure if JWPP/SYTH was Adam. Who cares? It was nice to have him, and he’ll be missed, but that’s something that no other fandom has had the experience with.

As far as Tinychat goes, I’ve never been involved - I’m really, really painfully shy - so I don’t think I really have any right to go forcing my opinion places, but we just need to support each other. If Adam or anyone shows up in a tinychat, don’t go complaining about how you missed him - be happy for the people who were there. We need to support each other. (This is me being a hypocrite, I’m kind of known to be a little bitter, tbh, but I’m willing to change if you are.)

To those who have been getting hate - I’m truly sorry. You don’t deserve any of that. I’m supporting you 100%.

The only way we’re going to get through this is if we do it together. Pointing fingers and making each other miserable will get us nowhere.

This is the guy that’s brought us together.

Let’s not let everything else tear us apart.

I love you guys, okay.


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